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DIY: Repairing iPhone camera glass

August 13, 2020

A short tutorial on how to replace a broken camera glass

Monthly update: July 2020

July 28, 2020
Monthly Update

Some good news, struggle with my webserver and a podcast recommendation

Translations in TypeScript with Angular $localize

May 31, 2020

Managing translations in Angular has always been somewhat trouble some, and for the longest part a lot of people used 3rd party libraries to…

Made my day: What did I learn

May 30, 2020
Made my day

I want to talk about things that I learned along the way publishing, improving and maintaining an app

Excel column sort

May 29, 2020

Short little tutorial on how to build a function to get sort values in Excel column style (e.g. 1 → A / 2 → B / 27 → AA / 28 → AB / …)

Review: Logitech MX Master (3)

May 28, 2020

Review for my current mouse Logitech MX Master (3)

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