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April 16, 2022

Since Angular 10.0 there is an official clipboard API in the @angular/cdk module (Documentation).

The Component Dev Kit (CDK) is a set of behavior primitives for building UI components.

The @angular/cdk is a very powerful module and component library and directly supported and maintained by the Angular devs.
I would always choose components from the official cdk over 3rd party libraries.

Let’s have a look at the clipboard API.


Add the @angular/cdk package to your project.

ng add @angular/cdk

or with NPM

npm install @angular/cdk

or with yarn

yarn add @angular/cdk

Make sure you have a version compatible with your regular @angular/core version (or just use the same version).

Import the ClipboardModule from @angular/cdk/clipboard and add it to your Angular module.

import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
import { ClipboardModule } from '@angular/cdk/clipboard';

  imports: [ClipboardModule],
export class MaterialExampleModule {}


The cdkCopyToClipboard can be used to add copy-on-click to every element. Passed in as parameter you have to specify the data that should be copied. For example

  [cdkCopyToClipboard]="'This is the text that is being copied to your clipboard'"
>Copy to clipboard</button>

There is an output event called cdkCopyToClipboardCopied that can be used to track whether the copying was successful or not and start followup logic, for example showing a notification.

>Copy to clipboard</button>

and in the typescript file

  public onClipboardCopy(successful: boolean): void {

Advanced usage

There is also a Clipboard service in the same module, that allows you to copy a string programmatically. The setup stays the same as above. Just add the
private clipboard: Clipboard
service from
import { Clipboard } from '@angular/cdk/clipboard';
to your component.

There is a copy(string) method, that copies something into your clipboard and returns whether it was successful or not.

This is useful if you need to pass variables to the copied text or if you want to do this based on HTML elements, for example something like this

<p #myText>You can also copy text from elements</p>
<button (click)="copyToClipboardWithParameter(myText)">
  Copy text from element to clipboard

and then in the component

constructor(private clipboard: Clipboard) {}

public copyToClipboardWithParameter(value: HTMLElement): void {
    const text: string = value.textContent || '';
    const successful = this.clipboard.copy(text);

Live Example

I put together a stackblitz page that copies a text and displays a snackbar notification with the status.
You can find it here: Stackblitz

I also put together a stackblitz page for the advanced usage, that uses the Clipboard service.
You can find it here: Stackblitz

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