Monthly update: May 2021

May 08, 2021

Personal Note

End of last year I started on a new version for Confin and on an Update for Made my day. However in Germany another Lockdown caused by Covid-19 hit. Kindergarden closed, no activities with friends, barely any family visits, … All the way to the beginning of march.
Working from home got more exhausting because, less down time/time for myself to recharge my batteries.
I wasn’t really motivated to continue to work on any side projects, so everything kind of went on a break.

Just couple of days ago I started to continue to work on Confin again. I build a web-application so it’s useable across multiple platforms. I’m also focusing on the mobile view because I’m considering dropping the current existing App and instead use the webapp for all platforms. Still not 100% sure about that, please leave a comment if you have any input ;)

Blog Posts

I have a couple of more posts about certain Angular topics on my to do list. Maybe some more advanced TypeScript / JavaScript topics as well.
If you have any suggestions for a topic just let me know.

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