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August 10, 2019

Alright, I’m pretty excited so let’s go!

My name is Nicolas Gehlert and I’m a software developer from Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) and as the name suggests also dad of two small kids.
This is a project I wanted to do for a pretty long time and finally it was high enough on the side-project-priority-bucket-list.

What to expect

So in this blog is not limited to a specific topic and instead you’ll find a collection of posts on a variety of them.
For example:

  • JavaScript libraries or frameworks I tried in one of my projects
  • Basic and advanced JavaScript topics
  • Angular
  • My life as a dad & developer

Final thoughts

I appreciate any kind of feedback and criticism, just drop a comment or reach out to me on any other platform like github, twitter, etc.
Even if there are already a million blogs out there (and probably about nearly every topic imaginable there are already dozens of posts) I strongly believe that everybody can and should share his experiences and stories.
Different people like different styles of writing or maybe sometimes a specific example suits you better in a certain situation.
And finally this is also a proof to myself that I have enough knowledge about certain topics to write detailed posts.

I still don’t have everything figured out where I want to go with this blog, but I just want to get started. So feel free to join me on this journey and help me along the way.

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